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Security Doors from Advanced Wrought Iron Systems

The design of the security door is endless. We can build to your design or ours. We then make a time to come out to your residance and measure the door frame.

We have a special measuring equipment that measures exactly the distance top to bottom and side to side of the frame.

Its not very often that we find a frame thats all in square. In some siturations after inspections of the timber door frame where the proposed new security door is to be installed. We may suggest a steel outer frame be screwed to the existing door frame.

This could be that the timber frame may be of very light timber and would not be sturdy enough to carry the door long term. (A security door is only as strong as its weakest point).

The outer frame is then screwed to the door frame in about 10 places and the new security door is then hinged off this frame. When the door is closed it will lock in to this steel frame. At this time you may decide to choose the colour that you would want your door powder coated in and your choice of brass, chrome or satin, chrome handles for your keyed lock.

Also what type of mesh you require (Refer to porch enclosures)